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Exciting opportunity for new dancers

We are looking for a company of dancers – 24 female and 24 male – to join in a new formation team! We are looking for committed and enthusiastic individuals and couples who want to learn something completely different. There is no need for you to have any dance experience as we will be training you in routines from scratch.

How exciting! Why start a formation team?

The team is being formed to perform firstly at events in Worcestershire, but we are looking long term at national events and competitions. Performances will range in dance styles as well as including other performance opportunities. There will also be opportunities to feature in smaller formations, show dances and more!

What are the benefits of joining the team?

  • A exciting activity and way to find new friends
  • Great way to get fit and lose weight
  • Lots of opportunities to shine with a range of performances, including a chance to take part in the Dance Proms 2016 in London.
  • Opportunities to gain dance qualifications throughout your training
  • Training with professional dance teachers
  • Lots of fun

What do I need to do to join in?

  • Be committed and available for all practice sessions
  • Willing to learn a range of dance styles and choreography
  • Practice sessions will be weekly and in 2 hour slots, at a cost of £10 per person
  • There will be scheduled holiday periods when practice sessions will be put on hold.
  • If you are unable to attend a session, we will require prior notification.
Fill in the contact form below to register your interest. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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