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First Dance Jitters & How to Avoid Them

First Dance

Everybody gets nervous on their big day! You’ve been planning it for months and now it’s here and suddenly your asked to take the floor for your first dance! Panic sets in you chose the music but have no idea what your going to do to it! Do you just shuffle? Try a bit of turning?

Here are 5 tips for avoiding those jitters…

  1. Practice
    I know this is obvious, but my wife would say the best thing she did was practice in her hooped petticoat for our routine. It gives you an opportunity to get used to the movement of the dress (which will feel like it has a mind of its own). It will also help you to avoid embarrassing moment like treading on the dress mid-dance. We can even arrange a separate session for the bride-to-be to practice in her gown without future hubby being tempted to sneak a peek.
  2. Preparation
    If you know you are planning a routine with lots of spins and lifts, remember to reinforce any buttons that will hold your train in place.
  3. Planning
    My wife changed shoes for our first dance into proper dance shoes which are designed to support your feet in movement much better.
  4. Choose your music carefully
    Weddings are some of the most emotional occasions. Choosing the right music can avoid any emotional breakdowns mid-song – no-one wants to see the bride with running mascara. You want to set the tone as romantic and celebratory. Save the more meaningful song for your last dance of the night – the nerves will have settled.
  5. Play to your strengths
    Attend a few classes first to find your favourite style. This is different for every couple, but we all have that one dance we thrive at together. You can then use this to help you choose your music, and it will also help with your nerves.

And don’t forget… if your mind goes blank go back to basics.

Why not plan it with the rest of your wedding; make your first dance as special and as memorable as the rest of your day.

At Relax & Grow, we offer a tailored package to suit you with everything from a gentle waltz around the floor to a full-on hip hop montage; it is all down to what you feel comfortable doing. We even offer group choreography for those who would like a routine to truly remember with their wedding party. We have teachers qualified in a wide range of styles, so don’t feel confined to ballroom and latin. If you have live musicians we can even work with them in advance of your big day!

We offer relaxed tuition with friendly teachers. We even offer practice sessions for the bride in her dress without the groom so as not to spoil the surprise! I am sure my wife would agree that dancing in a large hooped dress and knowing you can do it are a great reassurance on the big day… and that there isn’t much room to do this while trying on your dress in the shop.

Our aim within your classes is to make you confident with your dance, so that on the night it comes naturally and looks amazing.

Our packages start at £160 for 8 private lessons and then £35 per hour after that. Additional travelling charges may apply for venues outside our usual teaching area, but we are happy to travel within the UK.

Alternatively you could start by joining our Worcester-based ballroom & latin classes on a Thursday evening for just £7 each and learn a collection of dances and choose from your favourite styles. You can then move onto private lessons with personalised choreography with confidence.

Whatever you choose Relax & Grow will be there to support you from start to your beautiful finish.

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