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Why So Inconsiderate?

As a professional dancer and performer it disheartens me to see that people have such a lack of respect for performers and the space required to perform in. I was disgusted today in Worcester Shambles watching a young male dancer having to alter his routine because people don’t have the respect or decency to have a little consideration for performers and the people who want to watch the performance.

Why do people not think before walking across someones performance area? I am sure if whilst having a conversation on the street if someone was rude enough to walk straight through the middle of myself and the person I was talking too I would be disgusted and would have to say something and tonight was no different. I commented to several people that it would not of hurt them to have gone around the performance area rather than walk through it just because they are too lazy or pig ignorant to what is actually going on around them to care.

I do believe however that the organizers of the event should hold some blame for this as there were no staff protecting the dancers and, as it was young children, I would have though this to be imperative to protect our young performers of today so that when they perform in the future they are not afraid to do so. I noticed one poor young lady come off in tears because someone walked across her performance and made her make a mistake and she was unable to carry on!! All because people have no respect to performers what so ever and are so busy trying to get to where they want to go quickly and without interruption that they just don’t care.

Dancers spend many hundreds of hours training to perform at events, so five minutes to respect what they do is very little to ask in return.

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