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Why learn to dance?

Learn to dance

Learn to dance to improve your well-being. There are lots of reasons to learn to dance… from health¬†to social. Here’s a few of them…….

  • Dance is a great form of exercise.

I have had all walks of life come through my door over my many years of teaching. Everyone is amazed at how much they ache after classes or sweat during classes. Dance is a great form of exercise as it utilises all the muscles in your body. It can help with many medical conditions such as arthritis. It improves the condition of your heart and lungs and help to improve balance and spacial awareness. These are just a few of the health benefits of regularly dancing.

You can combine our classes with your gym routine to work a wider range of muscles. Dance can also be a great alternative training for other sports; building flexibility, co-ordination and also teamwork skills.

  • Dance classes are a great way to socialise.

The first time you come to a dance class, there is always a little nervous tension; about who is going to be there, what will others think, what if other people are better than me? As a teacher, I always try to diffuse this by encouraging people to ask if help is needed. I will happily go over a step or technique again whenever you need me to. I would rather you were happy with the steps and know what you are doing, than go away thinking, “Well, that was a complete waste of time I learnt nothing!”. The best way around this is to remember we all started at the same place. There is always someone available to help, whether that would be myself or one of my assistants, or another couple who have picked it up a bit quicker or have been before.

  • Dancing is great for building confidence.

I am a strong believer that dance helps build confidence. I have seen the shyest of people come out of their shells and grow in confidence in my classes. The more frequently people dance and as they get better, they grow in confidence. They start asking more questions, asking for more steps or routines. Suddenly, it is them who are helping the new people in the class get over their first week nerves.

  • There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete a dance.

When you suddenly realise that you can do a dance without thinking too much about what you are doing and start to relax in to the rhythm of the music, there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment which only builds on confidence and the overall enjoyment of the dance. To lose yourself in the dance and find your own self expression and style.

  • Classes are full of like-minded people.

Remember, when you enter a dance class, everybody in that room is there for exactly the same reason as you! To learn to dance. Although people come for many reasons, and in a variety of shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, you are all there to have fun and to learn to dance. Some of the best friendships have started on the classroom dance floor.

  • Personally as a teacher I tend to use a variety of music from some of the older more traditional tracks right up to current chart songs.

I find a lot of people are put off by the music that is often associated with dancing. Yes, there is a lot of old fashioned music that can be used, but there is also a lot of modern chart music too. Therefore, we prefer to use modern tracks that have an easy rhythm to pick up and dance to.

  • We make classes fun and stress free. There is no pressure to get it “right” and everybody has a good time.

When you come to a dance class with Relax & Grow we aim to make your time with us fun and stress free, our teachers are friendly and professional and we move at a pace that suits the room. There is no pressure to get the steps right and classes are light hearted and most of all fun!

These are just a few of the benefits to be gained by dancing; some with as little as dancing once a week for one hour. If you are interested in joining one of our classes or simply would like to learn more you can contact us via email by clicking here.

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