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Line Dancing Fun

Dance like nobody is watching

We are now running Adult Line Dancing Classes; every Thursday evening 6-7pm at Archdales 73 club, Worcester.

These classes are aimed at all levels from beginners who have always wanted to have a go through to those who have been  line dancing for years. We have a range of dances with new dances being introduced every couple of weeks and using modern music where possible to keep things interesting.

We have a mixed class with varied abilities and ages and classes cost only £4 per person to join. The group are friendly and welcome new people easily and all have a good time.

Why Line Dance?

Line dancing is a great way to improve stamina and has lots of great health benefits. It is a great form of exercise, with usually over 1000 steps being taken each night through dance alone! It is also a great social meet up with regular friends to share your line dancing fun with. We encourage you to have fun and enjoy our classes in a relaxed and stress free atmosphere.

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