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Freestyle branch – Classes for 5-13 years in Worcester

FreestyleIT freestyle dance classes Worcester

FREESTYLE: We blend the core freestyle syllabus with elements from Cheerdance, Street, Line dancing and even some Latin!

CLASSES: FreestyleIT and LineUP


Freestyle routines are either defined as slow or they are fast paced with lots of energetic, acrobatic inspired moves. Routines are a collection of moves from multitude of genres put to music for the beat rather than for the style. Freestyle music typically has a great bass line. Performers in this style may dance the same routine but add their own flair in terms of timing and accenting of the moves. Routines are performed to the bass line using the melody line for expression and accenting.

All classes in the style include fitness and flexibility training. In later levels dancer strength is also worked upon in order to build towards more complex, challenging routines and even limited stunting in group routines. Currently, younger dancers and beginners can join in through out Children’s Ballroom/Latin/Social/Freestyle class. After this initial introduction, students are encouraged to study on a private lesson basis until they are ready to advance to our advanced level classes.

Freestyle dancers can be both boys and girls, and all our routines are choreographed with a balance of “masculine” and “feminine” moves.


Cheer is formed of two main parts – cheer dance and the chant, both of which are included in cheer exams under the IDTA.

The dance section of cheer is where routines feature the main dance and stunt elements. Routines are performed with or without pompoms, usually depending on the level of stunting involved. In the UK, we are limited to 1 1/2 height stunting, but other countries such as the US go higher. Despite cheer having been invented by men, we don’t see many boys in dedicated cheer classes in the UK; other countries have teams featuring both boys and girls and we’d like to see that reflected in our classes. Boys don’t have to use pompoms though. Routines are typically danced on the beat with sharp, snappy movements – it is impossible to be a down cheerleader!

The chant starts off fairly simple at lower levels and increases in complexity as students move up through the ranks. This would typically be a chant for your team to help build their morale. No taunting of the opposition is allowed as we encourage good sportsmanship in all classes.


Streetdance is the newest style in the freestyle branch. These moves are all about attitude; you certainly get out what you put in with this dance style. Gravity and weight inform how you move and moves may occur with the bass line or emphasise the lyrics. This style is as popular with girls as it is with boys, with a range of teams competing around the UK. Part of our formation team syllabus, street is incorporated into their routines for showcases and performances.


Line dance originates from country music, but our classes are not your typical line dance classes. At a recent holiday workshop, this was our most popular style with both boys and girls. Our line dance routines are typically high tempo and feature lots of fun moves; they are performed to popular music.

Want to expand on a particular style?

Students will work on routines in each style for exams, but where they want to expand their knowledge further there are a number of options. Firstly, we do offer private lessons to students in all the subjects we offer (including our Advanced Studies syllabus). Students can also work up to Level 4 qualifications in individual styles as part of private or small focused classes. Where there is sufficient demand we would also be happy to run classes in these styles individually. There would have to be an enrolment of at least 5 students for us to consider this.

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