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Private Dancer… why you should try our private dance lessons

Lessons & Classes

Private lessons can sometimes seem like an unnecessary expense, but here are a few reason why you should consider giving them a go.

  1. Moving at your own pace

    Learn steps and routines at a pace which suits you: whether quicker or slower than you would normally achieve in class.

  2. Personalised choreography

    We can create routines that suit your abilities while making you look flawless. Particularly useful for those special events such as first dances, father-daughter dances, proms, and group dances.

  3. Privacy

    Try new things without having to have an audience, so you can concentrate on the steps and not your nerves.

  4. Teacher time

    Get 1-on-1 tuition to help you to advance easier through the learning stages, and to benefit from more teacher tips to help you improve.

  5. Your own choice of focus

    Choose the dance style or routine you want to focus on for that session or term. You may also be looking at competing or working towards more advanced exams.

Private lessons can really help your dancing to shine, giving your performance a polish you may not be able to achieve in larger classes. We recommend combining regular classwork and private lessons if possible, which will help you to gain both skill and confidence as you show off your new fancy footwork. We love to teach in both settings, but private lessons mean we can give you our undivided attention.

Private Lesson Options

Private lessons are typically charged at £35 per hour for a couple (ballroom/latin/social) and can be booked online. Prices and times will vary for other disciplines, please call or email us for a quote; due to venue hire, equipment charges and teaching staff required.

We offer private lessons in the following disciplines:

  • freestyle (including cheer dance)
  • musical theatre
  • ballroom/latin/social dance
  • line dancing
  • drama
  • singing
  • keyboard
  • stage design (props/scenery/marketing)
  • writing for stage and screen
  • stage technology (sound/lighting/FX)

The benefits

Your private lessons will always be tailored to your needs and abilities to help you progress as a dancer. If you are a new student to Relax and Grow, please make clear the level you are currently at in your studies at the time of booking. All our private lessons cater for prior learning;  we are happy to welcome students from other schools for additional discipline work. Existing students benefit from us being able to pick up things in class, we go into more depth with corrections in order to help students develop their technique and polish.

In these classes, we look at polishing technique, preventing injury and increasing your repertoire; in order to give our students the best opportunity for continued improvement.

Private lessons also enable us to focus on any injuries you may have: avoiding re-injury, building strength and flexibility, and adapting choreography to suit your physical ability.

Those wishing to compete, we advise combining private lessons with regular class to give you the best opportunity to succeed. We give you the benefit of our experience in competitions, customise choreography and advise on competition guidance.

For those working towards exams, private lessons give you the opportunity to polish your technique, take mock exams and gain confidence. Students taking private lessons may also choose to progress to Diploma level qualifications (age dependent). We are happy to train students up to Level 4 including the first level of your professional exams.

How to book

Ballroom/latin/social sessions for couples can be booked online. Sessions for first dance/father-daughter/group dances can be purchased here. For all other disciplines, please call or email us to book on a fortnightly basis.

All abilities are welcome to study with us privately or in class; prior learning is recognised in all disciplines and classes; all classes have a first aid trained teacher present.

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