Line Up (8-13 years) – 1 private lesson pass


This is an fun freestyle class getting children from 8-13 years moving.

Line Up is our intermediate freestyle private lesson for children aged 8-13. It features contemporary music, and includes elements from freestyle, street, cheer and line dance syllabi.

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LINE UP – This is an fun freestyle lesson getting children from 8-13 years moving.

Line Up is the intermediate freestyle private lesson, and we recommend this for children aged 8-13. Each lesson features contemporary music and includes elements from freestyle, street, cheer and line dance syllabi. Every semester we will complete 1 routine which students can carry into rosettes, star dance or medal exams in one of the above styles. The students are given a write up for each routine that they can collect and use for revision.

Each lesson will feature:

  • an age specific warm up
  • flexibility training
  • main freestyle routine which will change between semesters

This class is essentially all about having fun meanwhile developing great technique, strength and flexibility! We start each session with a great warm up in order to prevent injury, and each session finishes with a cool down to develop flexibility.

Lesson details

This product is for a private lesson and is based on a 1 hour session at St Martin’s Parish Hall. Other venues may incur a top up fee and is subject to room availability. We recommend telephoning or emailing prior to online payment. Teacher ratio will be either 2:1 or 2:2 to students unless a trio routine or group routine is requested.

Students can either wear our uniform, or wear a comfy t-shirt and leggings – all we ask is no logos from other schools. Comfortable, flexible footwear should also be worn – we can not teach bare foot.

Other opportunities

You may choose to enter your child for IDTA Medal awards, but these are not compulsory. You can also collect medals across our youth classes (ballroom/latin, freestyle, musical theatre styles). Where students have already started their IDTA rosettes, you may choose to continue to fill their sash.


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