Wedding Package: Your Unique First Dance


Your first dance deserves to be unique…

Whether you are planning your first dance as a couple, a special moment for father and bride or a full on group routine; we can help you to create the ultimate routine. Start with a track in mind, or we can arrange for you, your first dance will then be choreographed to your ability. We will then teach the routine to you across the course of your private lessons. There is even an option to add a private lesson for the bride so she can practice in her wedding dress without hubby-to-be seeing.



Your first dance should be as unique as you are as a couple.

We have created first dances to a range of styles for a wide variety of audiences. You can go fully traditional with a beautiful Waltz or American Smooth, or come right up to date with latin styles, street or even cheer dance! It’s your Wedding Day so do whatever you want! We’re here to help you have “The Time of Your Life”, say “Hello” to married life because we’re so “Happy” for you!


You can either supply your choice of an individual track, give us a list to amalgamate into one routine or commission a new arrangement of a favourite track. You can send us a Spotify link to your chosen track, or even a YouTube link – we can then discuss styles and more. We will discuss your track in depth in terms of style options before we even start work on your choreography. We will ask you to sign off on your chosen track just for our records.


We will create your unique choreography based on your finalised track before we begin your rehearsal time. This means you budget is entirely focused on the time spent in learning and rehearsing your routine. We can choreograph in a range of styles and have experience both in choreography for couples and groups.


Your rehearsal will be taught by qualified teachers with first aid, insurance and enhanced DBS checks. You have a choice of either coming to our studio or alternatively we can come to a venue of your choice in the Midlands area (travel/room hire may apply).

Rehearsals will either be taught by Ian or Natalie (dependent on availability) and we are both very down to earth people. All our rehearsals and teaching time are fun and laid back – no “sir” or “miss” here. We will happily repeat a move until you are happy to move on. We want you to be confident in your routine before leaving us.

Additional Practice

You may want to arrange an additional practice for the bride to practice in her wedding dress. We would recommend practicing in at least a hooped petticoat to get used to the movement of the dress as well as helping your partner to be prepared.

“The practice I had in my petticoat was invaluable for the big day – not just for the first dance but for moving in general. I would also recommend retightening your dress prior to your dance as the laces will give during the day. With hindsight, despite making clear my first dance was going to be energetic, I wished I had personally reinforced the fixing for my train.” – Natalie

Wedding Day

Want us there to help you on your big day? Then we’ll be happy to help calm nerves, run you through a quick practice and even hitch up your dress ready! Too far away? Then you can always drop us a FaceTime or Skype call and we can talk you through your routine. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Additional information

Group size

Happy Couple, Father & Bride, Wedding Party

Bride's Practice

Yes, No

No of Rehearsals

4 (Pro dancers), 8 (Intermediate), 12 (beginners), 16 (groups up to 10), 20 (groups 10+)


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