Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions were created on 9/7/2014. By booking online or by phone, Relax & Grow consider you to have agreed to these terms and conditions.


“The Client” – This is the person booking the class, their fellow attendees or any persons spectating as guests.
“The Company” – This means Relax and Grow, it’s Tutors and Venue Hosts.


The Company maintains appropriate membership and qualifications for the purpose of its business.

There will be at least one IDTA qualified tutor per class/event.

Where lessons, classes or events include children, the tutor will already have been CRB checked or equivalent according to legislation at that point.

Customer Responsibilities


You must report ANY health issues (even if minor) PRIOR to your class. This may mean we change the focus of your class or split your lesson into more manageable chunks. If you don’t tell us, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may result.

During class, if you begin to feel ill or in pain, please tell us as soon as possible to prevent worsening of your condition.

Please see your Doctor before setting out on any major fitness regime, and diet and exercise sensibly. The Company cannot be held responsible for anyone following our directions incorrectly, or where we have not been advised of previous medical conditions.

Dress Code

We request all students follow our dress code. This consists of comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows a good range of movement. We do not have a set uniform for any age of students, but recommend ladies wear wide leg trousers or skirts. Our footwear rules vary by venue, but we cannot allow you to dance in stilettos. If you would like to wear heels but do not yet have official dance shoes, we recommend a wider heel either plastic or rubber based. Men can wear any form of flexible shoe – we recommend against trainers and boots. If you turn up with unsuitable shoes we may have to consider it as a “Late Cancellation”.


You are expected to give us at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, anything after this will be considered a “Late Cancellation” (mitigating circumstances are at The Company’s discretion).

Company Responsibilities


Your lesson will be ready to go at the beginning of your time slot. Our tutors will have a quick chat to assess your previous experience and what you want to achieve.


Our tutors will treat you with professionalism throughout your training. We will train you to the correct standards for your level and will maintain professional qualifications as appropriate. There will be at least one IDTA qualified tutor in the class.

Bookings & Cancellations


All bookings made through this site will be confirmed with you by one of our tutors. Please tell us at this point if you have any health issues or any other concerns. The Company books venues in faith, but should a venue become unavailable at short notice we will reschedule your lesson to an alternative date or venue as necessary.


Cancellations made 48 hours or more before booking will incur no charge where bookings are with our standard venues. If bookings have been made with a custom venue for the purpose of your event, we retain the right to take any cancellation fees incurred from your refund. You can also reschedule your lesson under these terms.

Late Cancellation

Where a booking is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, we will retain a cancellation fee equivalent to venue hire (and outside of Worcestershire also travel and accommodation fees incurred). Mitigating circumstances are at The Company’s discretion and may involve rescheduling your lesson rather than outright cancellation.



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