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Tolerable Storm UPDATE: Is that a Cha-Cha-Charleston?

Formation Team Tolerable Storm

Our routine for our first display is progressing rapidly, HOWEVER, we still need more people! So far our routine has elements of street, slow-mo, quickstep and jive… and now we’ve added Charleston. Now we need dancers to fit up the line.

With Charleston comes the latest new step for our young dancers. Foot swivels are our latest challenge, with parents set the challenge of helping to practice the move.

We are looking for street dancers, ballet dancers as well as ballroom dancers; our team covers a wide range of disciplines. Tolerable Storm is not like the formation teams of old; we’ve brought the discipline up to date for feature display showcases and are aiming to perform at the Dance Proms in London!

The Formation Team work can also count towards one of the modules in our Diploma. This means students are also gaining industry recognised qualifications at the same time as having an amazing opportunity.

We are looking for an additional six boys and four girls for the team!

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