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Training for the Future: Performing Arts Advanced Courses at Relax and Grow


Our advanced courses cover the full spectrum of theatre arts training; with backstage, front of house and onstage opportunities throughout the course.

We offer two main routes for our Advanced Courses – Performing and Technical. Each route has the opportunity to study at least 1 specialism from the other branch for those who want to keep their options open. All students work towards their Final Major production – creating the script, marketing the show, working with legislation, training and rehearsing performers through to running the stage. Students divide production tasks amongst themselves; they are then marked on their individual contributions to the show. They are regularly assessed by coursework throughout their training. Students can study via distance learning, attend workshops, go on training visits and, of course, attend class.


Our advanced classes are at 5pm on Mondays and 10:30-1:30 on alternate Saturdays – students may attend either or both sessions. Saturday’s session focuses on the technical side of production – sound tech, lighting, health and safety, equipment and right through to marketing and business studies. You can join us at the Waitrose Community Room for this session. Monday’s session is all about performance skill – including interpreting and translating text to stage, act/sing/dance workshops, choreography and script writing. You can join us at St Martin’s Parish Centre for this session.


Each course lasts 2 years and features our own curriculum. Classes do a combination of core skill and specialism based projects and tasks dependent on the students present and their needs. Students apply their new skills to a Final Major Production, created, produced, marketed and performed by the students independently. There are also opportunities for further training specialism in extended topics; through workshops, private lessons and distance study including make-up and prosthetics workshops, vocal training and learning an instrument.

Students are buddied up and have regular contact with each other outside of class. They have already started working on their Final Major Production – script work is under way and casting is open. “Hello Neighbour” will be performed by students in Summer 2019.


Students choose their own study focus, against which their work is continuously assessed and graded. Students can choose either to play to their strengths and include prior learning, or they may want to go for a new challenge. Each route has its own core focus and students then pick specialisms to complement this. The depth of studies increases as you move up through the levels, and there are exams throughout the course of the studies to support vocational based projects.

Our students all start at Level 1 which has no lower age limit, but we would advise a starting age of 11 years. Older students may study higher levels following an interview and assessment. We have a prior learning policy already in place for students attending from other schools.

Equipment & Funding

Some specialisms do have specific equipment requirements, and we strive to meet these in a cost-effective way as possible for students. Equipment packages are available, and we work with suppliers for bulk discount where available. We are happy to discuss specialism requirements in detail at the time of enrolment – which you can do via telephone or arrange a meeting with our Advanced Studies Co-ordinator, Natalie.

Currently, we are looking to offer assistance with fees through grant and sponsorship funding.

Performing with Relax & Grow

All students at Relax & Grow are welcome to put themselves forward for performing roles in the Final Major Production. Students from other schools are also welcome to audition; they may either join the Advanced Studies course or alternatively attend rehearsal slots closer to the performance. All performers and assistants are expected to sign a contract prior to starting work on the production; covering late cancellation, pulling out of a show, liability for costume and personal equipment, and marketing.

Get involved NOW as the show will be in May 2019! Those wanting to audition should contact us NOW in order to book their audition slot with the relevant student(s).

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