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Welcome to the Family – Enrolling with Relax & Grow

Welcome to Relax & Grow

So you’ve decided to enrol in dance classes – either for yourself or your children. First of all, welcome to our family! Relax & Grow is run by a husband and wife team and you will often see our children at class.

Get your first lesson free

In your enrolment pack you will find a voucher for a free lesson which you can either bring into class or use online to book. You can use this voucher for any of your enrolled courses, or why not try something different?!

Your Welcome Pack

In addition to your voucher, your pack will also include copies of our school policies (boring!), social media details, a sticker book and their first routine card.

The Sticker Book

As part of your Welcome Pack, the sticker book will show your child’s progression through achievements in class – whether learning a new routine, being our star performer in class, helping a friend, trying something new. Children are encouraged to collect stickers in their book; helping to build the skills needed to maintain portfolios of their work in later stages of their dance learning. It also encourages children to help others, try harder and rewards good behaviour in class. There will also be opportunities to earn rare stickers through our workshops and holiday programmes.

Routine Cards

For each routine a student learns, they will be given a routine card to help them practice at home. In your Welcome pack you will receive a warm up card, which gives a simple warm up routine they can practice at home. The cards will build up as they learn new routines and indicate the level of the routine. A binder for these cards is available for purchase from the school catalogue (and shortly from the online shop).

School Policies

The boring bit which helps to keep us all safe. Please read through these with your child – in particular health & safety, student responsibilities and the social media policies. Adhering to these policies helps to keep all our students safe. We do not tolerate bullying in any form, and will actively take action against bullying.

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